Hi I’m Chef José Mier. I spend my life around food. I grew up in a food family. Somebody was always cooking something. I love experimenting with new and exotic dishes. I am based in Sun Valley, California, part of greater Los Angeles. I spend most of my time cooking and looking for great recipes to share with the fans on this website.

My background is in traditional European cooking but I love Asian cuisine especially Chinese. I love to experiment with Thai food, Vietnamese, and Chinese. My love for food, however, doesn’t end there. I love complex dishes like this Bouef Bourgignon, but I also love down home cooking like fried chicken or barbecued ribs.

beef wellington for jose mier celebrations in sun valley
“Sometimes you need to splurge”: Jose Mier

I started this Jose Mier Gastronomy as a way to connect with other food fans and share recipes and insights that you may not find otherwise.

For every recipe or idea that I put on this website I try to add an interesting photograph and instructional video to show you how to cook the same dish. I also link to those websites that have great recipes that I think are exceptional and should be shared with you.

jose mier favorite chinese spare ribs
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I hope you will join me as I take you on a journey through all the different types of foods that are out there and that you can enjoy something different and tasty every night of the week.


Chef José Mier


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