Another Word for Awesome: Prime Rib

Prime rib photo on Jose Mier Net

Once more Jose Mier brings you a specialty dish your dinner guests will love. This is something you don’t serve everyday so making this for your next dinner party will have jaws dropping and mouths watering.

Prime rib photo on Jose Mier Net
Jose Mier recommends the prime rib, madam.

The USDA assigns the term prime rib to a certain cut of beef. The rib meat of cattle is used to cook a nice dish. The butcher will make a cut between ribs 6 and 12 on the beef cattle. That provides a source for the prime rib meat. The dish prime rib can be made in a number of ways. That cut of beef can be braised or grilled in certain styles. The cook is going to make the prime rib a valuable addition to the table. It is stately and traditional in terms of the beef that is eaten. Guests will be awed by the taste and look that prime rib can provide. Try the garlic butter prime rib for a unique twist.

Cooking the prime rib will require a little preparation as well. The butcher will cut away the fat and serve a nice prime rib for cooking. The prime rib cut is typically lean meat that will cook easily in certain ways. Choose a style of cooking, including the popular grilling method. Grilling the meat does take some time and preparation although. Two bone standing rib meat and rib eye meat are very popular. The meat is succulent and will cook easily on a grill. The cook should spice the meat and prepare the grill in advance. Spice rubs are a popular way to season the meat before it is cooked.

The cost of the prime rib might vary based on location. The USDA is waiting to grade the meat when it is cut. The inspectors will grade the meat based on quality and firmness of the meat. Go to a trusted butcher that can supply a high grade cut of prime rib. The USDA assigns that label to simplify the process. Some butchers will use different techniques, but the basic cut is often the same.