Google Food Images

Jose Mier Finds Scrumptious Photos

Jose Mier here in my kitchen. Want to try an interesting exercise? If you’re a foodie like me you love looking at pictures of food just as much as tasting those dishes. In fact a lot of my inspiration comes from the photos I find it online or in cookbooks.

Don’t try this while you’re hungry, I guarantee you’ll be starving in no time. However, when you’re looking for great food ideas the picture really is worth 1000 words. Recently I did a search on Google for food images and documented my search the YouTube video. In the past I have commented on the importance of food photography what an art form it is. That is still true.

No matter what food you are in the mood for, doing a quick search of Google images we’ll bring up some interesting ideas and things you may not have thought of before. I’m embedding my video search here on this page is an example of what you can look forward to. Give it a try and I guarantee they’ll find something unique and that he’ll love to add to your culinary repertoire.