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Chef Jose Mier barbecues in Sun Valley, CA

Sun Valley, CA Kitchen Recipes

Jose Mier—Sun Valley, CA chef and blogger—invites you to follow him online. For some years now, chef Jose has documented his favorite dishes and has included recipes for some of these on his website.

For those of you familiar with Chef Jose’s writings you know that a couple different cuisines stick out from the crowd. These include barbecue and Chinese food in. If you live in the same area or near chef José which is Southern California and specifically the neighborhood of Sun Valley, you know that there’s a specific Texas barbecue restaurant that Chef José likes to frequent.

Fans of barbecue understand very well that there is an art and science to making this type of cooking. Only a few people can pull it off really well. That being said, barbecue ribs are at the top of José Mier’s food chain. These are followed closely by smoked brisket and delectable burnt ends.

For those who are finding this blog post for the first time and are unfamiliar with the history in the culinary favorites of Chef José here’s an introductory video from YouTube there goes into some detail about Chef José’s love for cooking and for eating.

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Follow Jose Mier Gastronomy
Follow Jose Mier Gastronomy on his webiste dedicated to food and cooking as well as his social media sites. For foodies worldwide, Chef Jose offers cooking tips and delicious recipes.
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