Jose Mier’s Hangover Cure: Macaroni and Cheese

Jose Mier here. First, let me say I’m not really in need of hangover cures. The best defense is not to drink too much in the first place–moderation in all things. However, one food that keeps crossing my radar these days is macaroni and cheese. The popularity of the dish is evident in that Yelp has a whole page dedicated to the best mac and cheese restaurants in Los Angeles.

Now we are all used to the mac and cheese we got as kids that came out of that familiar box, but nowadays mac and cheese has truly gone gourmet. You can find hundreds of unique recipes at thousands of the nation’s restaurants, from plain to truffle infused. Truffles don’t come cheap so you’ll probably find this version in your higher-end steakhouses or similar establishments.

mac and cheese Jose Mier gastronomy site

I think what makes this dish so appealing is the comfort food factor. We’re dealing with a lot of fat (in the form of butter and cheese) and let’s face it, fat tastes good. It’s also the fat in the dish that seems to releive the symptoms of a hangover. If you’ve been out having more than your share of alcohol, ending the night by enjoying a plate of mac and cheese also seems to help. Some say the fat “absorbs” the alcohol. Experts disagree. But, who cares as long as you’re enjoying this dish.

Making the dish from scratch means you get to decide what goes in and create something unique. I’m a fan of the traditional cheddar recipes, but others like to use different cheeses. Whatever you prefer it’s not difficult. Baking the mac and cheese also results in a slightly browned, slightly crispy top layer that gives the dish an extra something.

As I said, there are countless recipes out there but one I’ve found is pretty good. Check out the chunky chef website . I’m a sucker for great food photos and the chef Amanda has some spectacular ones on her site.

She bakes the mac and cheese, but you can also make the stove top version. Still delicious. If you’re suffering from a hangover, though, cooking is probably going to be low on your list so hop in the car and take out from your favorite mac and cheese place. Just Yelp it. One such place near Sun Valley is the Swingin’ Door BBQ. Go for the ribs (a whole other blog post) and stay for the mac and cheese.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to prepare some myself. Writing this has made me very hungry!