Jose Mier Goes Fancy (Food)

caprese salad a la jose mier

Jose Mier Contemplates What Fancy Means

The recent posts on this Jose Mier site have all been about wowing your audience, whether it be through the presentation of the foods or just the foods themselves—many of which just have a certain cachet. Your guests may marvel at the smell or they may just be delighted with the way the food looks when it’s served in front of them.

Fancy is a term that’s widely used in cooking today and there are whole trade shows dedicated to “fancy foods.” Here at Jose Mier net my goal is to promote foods that are delicious but not necessarily fussy and fancy need not be a synonym for the latter.


Yes, some dishes may take time to prepare and the effort you put into them will be part of what impresses your dinner guests, but there’s also something to be said for minimalism. We experience food though taste and smell but sight is also important and even simple, quick dishes can be a visual delight.

Minimalism a la Jose Mier

Take, for example the humble caprese salad. It’s a staple at Italian restaurants and for good reason. It’s pleasing to the eye and it also represents the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green. The red of the tomatoes contrasts with the green of the basil (as well as the olive oil used) all offset by the calm white of the cheese. It’s simple yet satisfying. But this is a dish that can be taken to the next level simply through presentation.

caprese salad a la jose mier
caprese salad a la jose mier

I recently found a recipe for caprese salad which is so simple, so minimal that it’s exciting. You can find the recipe on I think by keeping the tomatoes virtually intact, interspersing then with cheese creates a unique twist on this salad.

Since this will precede your main course, it’s the intial visual treat that will set the stage for your guests. Follow it with another Italian dish or try something totally different to keep your guest guessing, anticipating another impressive dish.

If you absolutely don’t have the energy to create this EASY dish yourself and are looking for someplace in the Sun Valley area, you can always try Ciao Cristina in neighboring Burbank. Located at 4201 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505. Give it a try.