Everyone (Including Jose Mier) Loves Cheese

jose mier gastronomy cheese plate image

Cheese is ubiquitous and it comes in countless varieties. Whatever your favorite, it adds something special to any dish (like parmesan on gnocchi). Or, enjoy it all on its own!

Cheese is enjoyed by almost everyone around the world. It has been the subject of Renaissance artwork and award ceremonies as well. Famous cheese varieties often include Brie and Parmesan wedges. Brie is a soft cheese from France, which works well with a dessert platter. Pair the soft cheese Brie with apples and toasted bread slices. Parmesan is a classic concept and is a hard cheese variety. Parmesan comes from a region of Italy, but has become well known around the world. Sliced Parmesan can be fried and eaten as a snack. Or it can be ground up and served over a pasta.

jose mier gastronomy cheese plate image
Cheese is great even by itself!

Greece is well known for their Feta cheese variety. That type will use goat’s milk, instead of the classic cow’s milk option. The result is a pungent and delicious cheese that many people can recognize. Ricotta cheese is a soft variety that comes from Italy. It is often included with recipes for lasagna and other classic Italian dishes. Queso fresco is another soft cheese variety originating from Spain. European laws often dictate how cheese will be made for people to consume. The standards keep the cheese fresh and resembling the original recipe. That is important to cheese fans today too.

There is more to cheese than just the standard Swiss and Cheddar varieties. These are popular, but other parts of the world have made their own cheese styles. America is becoming a focal point for new cheese making techniques. The famous “American” cheese is often made in a factory. That is a recent trend that became popular after World War 2. It helps feed big families and people still like American cheese. But smaller vendors are creating their own cheese as well. That has garnered praise from around the world because of the unique style it offers.

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