Jose Mier Suggests Risotto for You Next Soiree

Jose Mier risotto recipe on plate

Jose Mier reporting again from my kitchen (if by kitchen I mean sitting in front of my computer writing this).

From the Kitchen of Jose Mier

Some dishes seem so sophisticated that you can only really get them at a restaurant. As I mentioned earlier, lobster is one, but that, like today’s fancy dinner suggestion, is really not difficult.

Jose Mier risotto recipe on plate
Jose Mier always aims for a great presentation

Risotto is one of those dishes we don’t normally see at home. For whatever the reason, the fact that we see it on upscale Italian menus seems to intimidate us. We don’t see what goes into the making of it and simply ohh and ahh when a plate of it is served to us at said restaurant. The truth is it’s rather simple. All it takes is some time (not much) and some attention.

In its most basic form, risotto is merely rice. It’s a specific variety called arborio. It’s the preparation that turns it into something your guests are going to rave about—and isn’t that what we all want?

Jose Mier’s Favorite Risotto Recipe

Okay, I didn’t create this recipe for garlic parmesan risotto, but it’s one of my favorites. The trick is to continually add broth to the rice as it cooks. Each time you do, the rice will absorb the broth and you keep adding broth until your supply is depleted, by which time the risotto is going to have that rich, creamy texture that you (and your guests) love so much when you get it at your favorite restaurant.

How much time does it take? Not much. We’re looking at perhaps 25 minutes total but as I said, it’s only a bit labor intensive. However, it’s not brain surgery, you just have to keep an eye on the rice and add the broth in stages.

I like this recipe because of the garlic flavor. The butter, garlic, onions and wine all combine to make this a superb, tasty and sophisticated dish to serve and impress with. There are hundreds of variations and recipes available online so once you get familiar with the process you can change it up for something different each time you make it.

For me and my Sun Valley, CA area neighbors, a great (and cherished) Italian eatery is Casa Nuova at 8759 Glenoaks Blvd,Sun Valley, CA 91352