Special Occasion Dish: Sauerbraten

Jose Mier sauerbraten image on website

Jose Mier is hardly a German name (although there are a lot of German Meyers!) but regardless, this is something I really enjoy. It’s hard to find (we don’t have many German restaurants in my community of Sun Valley, CA) so why not take some time and prepare this specialty for your next get-together.

Jose Mier sauerbraten image on website
“A taste of traditional German cooking” – Jose Mier

The German dish is a family favorite and has been served for years. The main ingredient is a roast beef cut that is heavily marinated. Give the roast beef time to cook down and firm in its size. Then use the broth to further cook the meat with other vegetables. Saurkraut is a popular addition and will provide some flavor to the dish. Many regions of Germany serve some kind of sauerbraten at the dinner table. Franconia and Thuringia are regions of Germany that lay claim to the origins of the dish. But it is widely popular and has been served at tables all across the country so far.

Sauerbraten actually means “Sour Roast” in the German language. It refers to the pickled flavor that is given to the cut of beef. The beef has to simmer in its own juices for a while and alongside other vegetables. That will combine the flavors and give is a savory taste to people. The Sauerbraten dish is iconic in German cooking as a whole. The meat is the main course, but it can be served with some other delectable items. The vegetables and spices add to the aroma, keeping people captivated by the nice smell it provides.

Potato dumplings or spatzle pasta are often served with Sauerbraten. That gives people a side dish that they can enjoy at the table. It also provides a nice look that makes the meal much more appetizing. The full course can include many different vegetables at the table. Serve with a red wine that will pair well with the Sauerbraten dish. The dish is going to do well with a hearty gravy sauce. The gravy is made from the pan drippings while the beef is cooking. Try using veal or another meat with the dish.