Upscale Italian: Osso Buco

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Jose Mier is a great fan of Italian cuisine and this dish is the apex of fine Italian dining. It’s worth the effort to see the looks of admiration on your dinner party guests.

osso buco image jose mier net
Jose Mier: Try the osso buco. You won’t regret it!

Osso Buco originated from Italy and remains a local favorite among the people. The veal shanks are braised and cooked with vegetables for a nice meal at dinner time. It originates from the Lombardy area and has a broad appeal among families in the region. It well represents Lombard cuisine and Osso Buco is a top request at many Italian restaurants. Cooks should realize that Osso Buco is not a typical Italian pasta dish. It is savory and cooks for a long time in the oven. Veal shank is relatively common in the area and is the primary ingredient of the Italian dish.

First, it is important to assemble all the right ingredients. Osso Buco requires a fresh veal shank and olive oil for the braising process. That will brown the meat and get it ready for combination with other ingredients. Save the grease from the braising process and use it to flavor the whole pot. Dice some vegetables, which can include some flour for the dredging process. White wine and broth is added to the final phase to give it a rich aroma when serving. Prepare a quick risotto with some of the leftover broth. The risotto can be served alongside the osso buco when it is finished in time.

The cost of Osso Buco can be somewhat cheap for the cook. A nice veal shank can be bought from a local butcher. The local butcher is glad to prepare the veal shanks for the dish. Tender meat and firm bones are a must for the dish. Osso Buco actually means “Bone with hole” in Italian. Find a veal shank that has the bone in the meat. That will give the veal shank a firm texture when cooking. The final dish will be popular with the whole group too.