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Jose Mier Mongolian beef on Sun Valley, CA table

Jose Mier Spices Up Sun Valley Kitchen

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The Sizzling History of Chinese Barbecue: Origins, Evolution, and Iconic Recipes Chef Jose Mier loves to explore all types of cooking from every region on the planet. One favorite style which he often turns to in his Sun Valley, CA kitchen is Chinese BBQ. Chinese barbecue, also known as “shaokao” (烧烤), is a culinary tradition ….  Read More

Mongolian Beef from Jose Mier's Wok

What’s the (Mongolian) Beef? Chef Jose Mier on this Asian Meal

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From Jose Mier’s Wok to Your Table With a name like Jose Mier you can immediately tell I’m not Asian. That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love food from any Far East country. In fact I’d have to say it’s my all-time favorite. Whether Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or Mongolian it makes no difference. I devour ….  Read More