Welcome to Jose Mier’s Gastronomy

Hello all! I’m Jose Mier, resident and business promoter of Sun Valley, CA. I’m also a food fanatic and Sun Valley food can compete with just about any city in the country. While we’re not known for our four-dollar-sign restaurants, we have just about everything else to offer those looking for a special, delicious meal in the greater Los Angeles area. From hot chicken to pizza, from Chinese to Mexican just about anything is available here. My goal is to expose L.A. (and the whole country) to the fabulous food finds in my city and also to share some tips into how to recreate some of these delicacies in your own home.

Sun Valley is truly a melting pot in more ways than one. While our population is diverse with a heavy Latino influence, we are also home to Chinese and Vietnamese residents all of whom add a special flourish and “spice” to the local cuisine landscape. The people as well as their foods combine beautifully to make our little city very flavorful. The national motto “E Pluribus Unum” applies perfectly here.

So get your knives, forks, chopsticks and napkins ready because I’m getting hungry! Join me for the culinary tour of California’s Sun Valley.