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Boeuf Bourguignon adapted by Jose Mier

The 10 most prominent French dishes

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No self-respecting food blogger (even your own Jose Mier) could go for long without mentioning what is perhaps the most renowned cuisine in the world: French food. So without further hesitation… Regardless of new fads, hype as well as advertising, tradition has never been stronger. In France, delicious food still requires hands-on cooking by using ….  Read More

diabetic desserts by Jose Mier

Favorite Desserts For A Diabetic Partner

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I do a lot of writing on Jose Mier’s Gastronomy about desserts which naturally include a log of sugar. However, I do have diabetic friends and wanted to add some information on creating great desserts for those with diabetes. It’s easier than you believe to create scrumptious desserts for your diabetic partner. When I needed ….  Read More

Entertaining at Jose Mier home

Amuse in Red Carpet Style. Tips For Attractive Entertaining With Ease

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Cooking is often about entertaining as well so here are some Chef Jose Mier tips for entertaining in style. Amusing in your home, while enjoyable for many, can in some cases be frustrating when attempting to interest everyone’s design and taste. However, planning an attractive dinner celebration is much easier than you may believe. Way ….  Read More