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Sun Valley CA Huaraches by Jose Mier

Jose Mier and Mexican Food

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Speaking Of Huaraches From road tacos to enchiladas to albondigas soup and also whatever in between. There’s one Mexican recipe that does not obtain a great deal of press, as well as you do not locate it on numerous Mexican dining establishment food selections (that understand why?). You may understand the name considering that it’s ….  Read More

chef jose mier nachos sun valley ca

Chef Jose Mier With Yet Another Mexican Icon

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Nachos: Ingenious Success Due to Necessity Yes it’s Jose Mier’s Gastronomy with yet another world favorite food from Mexico. I can’t help it that so many foods on tasteatlas’s list happen to come from my ancestral homeland of Mexico, but they do. Today’s dish almost needs no introduction. It’s nachos. For those of you who ….  Read More

jose mier churro photo sun valley ca

Another Mexican Influence on World Food

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Chef Jose Mier Contemplates Churros It’s amazing for me to see the influence of Mexican cuisine on foods and tastes in the United States. Case in point: churros. These delicious deep-fried, sugar-coated treats are loved by just about everybody and it’s not difficult to see how this sweet dessert has crept into everyday American life. ….  Read More

Chorizo sausage on Jose Mier grill

Mexico Continues To Dominate World Cuisine: Chorizo

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Mexican Version a Favorite Jose Mier Gastronomy is proud to list yet another food from Mexico as one of the favorite foods in all the world. What is it? Chorizo. Okay, maybe gringos aren’t totally familiar with this sausage, but every Mexican will be. And indeed those who live in the southwestern U.S. are going ….  Read More

Super torta in Sun Valley, CA by Chef Jose Mier

Tortas: The Quintessential Mexican Sandwich

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Delicacy from Chef Jose Mier’s Heritage With a name like Jose Mier you can imagine I’m no stranger to Mexican food, and that’s certainly true. Even here in my hometown of Sun Valley, California the population is majority Latino so there’s no end to the opportunity to eat delicious Mexican food here. (As a chef ….  Read More