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Jose Mier’s Quiche Lorraine

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One of France’s World Favorite Foods   Jose Mier Gastronomy has been posting several of the world’s most favorite foods recently and here’s another one to add to your list: quiche Lorraine. This French dish gained widespread popularity in the last few decades. It’s not hard to see why since one of the main ingredients ….  Read More

jose mier's iconic American dish: the cheeseburger

Jose Mier Gastronomy Celebrates the Cheeseburger

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Cheeseburger. Nuff Said.   Jose Mier Gastronomy with another of the most famous foods in the world. This one is on the top 50 foods of the world according to tasteatlas.com. I’m talking about none other than the cheeseburger. If you had to pick one food to symbolize a nation, the hamburger would be the ….  Read More

jose mier churro photo sun valley ca

Another Mexican Influence on World Food

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Chef Jose Mier Contemplates Churros It’s amazing for me to see the influence of Mexican cuisine on foods and tastes in the United States. Case in point: churros. These delicious deep-fried, sugar-coated treats are loved by just about everybody and it’s not difficult to see how this sweet dessert has crept into everyday American life. ….  Read More

Grilled cheese sandwich jose mier gastronomy

Think It’s Humble? Think Again. Grilled Cheese

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Jose Mier Gastronomy Exults in This Comfort Food Favorite I’ve covered many different foods from around the world here on Jose Mier Gastronomy, including one article specifically dedicated to cheese. But there’s one use for cheese I haven’t covered and it’s extremely popular. I’m talking about the grilled cheese sandwich. In fact, it’s so popular ….  Read More