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garlic butter steak bites

More Easy Beef Recipes: Garlic Butter Steak Bites

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I scour the internet for interesting dishes to share with you, my loyal readers. So, on the heels of another easy Jose Mier favorite, Mongolian Beef, I found a steakhouse-inspired recipe that makes use of the same techniques: garlic butter steak bites. This is the brainchild of Joanna, a chef from Alberta, Canada. Canadians are ….  Read More

Mongolian Beef from Jose Mier's Wok

What’s the (Mongolian) Beef? Chef Jose Mier on this Asian Meal

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From Jose Mier’s Wok to Your Table With a name like Jose Mier you can immediately tell I’m not Asian. That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love food from any Far East country. In fact I’d have to say it’s my all-time favorite. Whether Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or Mongolian it makes no difference. I devour ….  Read More